seminar perniagaan internet

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

seminar perniagaan internet. it is a common thing that we heard about it today. day after day seminar about perniagaan internet become more saturated on internet but until JomSeminar Group exist and introduce us the way how to get money from internet.

This group aggressively promoting seminar perniagaan internet because they don't want people to get scam anymore with other's party who always take advantage about perniagaan internet.

Fact about Seminar Perniagaan Internet update recently:

date : 10 & 11 Mei 2008.
avenue : Hotel Armada.
website : Seminar Perniagaan Internet
Geotarget : Petaling Jaya > Selangor Darul Ehsan > Malaysia

Update picture at Seminar Perniagaan Internet 10 & 11 Mei 2008.

More at Syed Ikhwan's blog.

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